According to experts, Australia is on the edge of a massive solar boom. With costs of installation tumbling down, and adoption rates soaring in our country and many other industrialised countries across the world, we’re looking at a brighter, greener future. Quietly, seven major solar energy construction projects have carried in on Australia over the last year, and by all accounts, the trend is expected to continue far into 2017 and beyond. With many more similar projects planned, researchers are starting to project that the country will see a massive increase in large-scale solar energy, and this will have implications for everyone across the nation—including our host of small business and residential clients, who are already well-ahead of the game!

According to the CEO of the Clean Energy Council of Australia, Kane Thornton, it was a “record year” for solar industry growth. As the winds continue to blow in a positive direction for Australian renewable energy, partly due to rapid advances in technology and manufacturing and also to growing fears associated with climate change, we can look forward to cleaner sources of power for everyone in the country.

“Over the next couple of years, we’ll greatly reduce the cost of [solar power] to the point that it’ll be the lowest cost form of energy generation in the country.” Kane Thornton makes a bold claim, but it is backed up by plenty of science and metrics that suggest he’s positively right. CFP Industries and others solar panel professionals in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and other major metropolitan areas in the country have seen a massive increase in the number of customers interested in integrating our high-quality solar panels in their home energy strategy. We’ve never seen so much business, and it’s great to see that so many people are finally embracing the many benefits of small-scale renewable energy.

ARENA, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, commented that, “[the solar energy boom] came a lot faster than anyone predicted. A couple of years back, we analysed the market and suspected that the boom would come in the 2020s, and that solar and wind-based renewable energy would be equally competitive. Now, we’re shocked to find out that it came a lot more quickly than we ever thought possible.”

Of the large-scale solar projects in Australia, the Moree solar farm is the most ground-breaking. Serving a town of over ten-thousand people in New South Wales, the Moree solar farm endured a record-breaking 54 consecutive days of 35 Celsius heat, holding up under pressure from increased power usage by the town as air conditioners sucked electricity out of the grid.

Despite this, renewable forms of energy still account for only 0.2% of all power in Australia. ARENA and other organisations want to see that number rise to 23% by the middle of the 2020s. Specialists predict that the majority of green energy will be solar energy, and at CFP Industries, we’re inclined to agree.

If you’re ready to take advantage of the coming boom and start using solar panels at your property, get in touch with us!

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