Below are some of the answers to frequently asked questions that we receive:

How do solar panels work?

Solar Panels (or PV panels, or PV cells) mounted on the roof of your house convert the suns solar energy into DC (Direct Current) power.

How do inverters work?

The power from the solar panels is sent to a device called an inverter, which converts the DC power to AC power. Your household electrical devices operate on AC power.

How do switchboards work?

Power travels from the inverter to your electrical switchboard. The power from your switchboard will be distributed throughout your home through your existing electrical wiring to all the electrical outlets.

How do electricity meters work?

When your solar system produces more power than you use, the power will flow into the electricity grid through your electricity meter.

How does the electricity grid work?

The electricity grid refers to the electricity network that provides electricity from the electricity distributor in your area to your home. The electricity grid will automatically provide your home with power when you are using more power than your solar system is producing.

How much does it cost?

Please contact us for pricing.

Why choose solar energy?

  • Solar electricity requires minimal upkeep and is entirely self sustaining.
  • Electricity price rises will no longer affect your monthly expenses.
  • Sell excess solar panel generated electricity back to your electricity provider
  • Cash in on Aus Gov Rebates and Renewable Energy Certificates (REC’s)
  • Under the Building Code of Australia, all new houses and major renovations energy efficiency is measured.
  • Reduce green house gas emissions and waste.

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