When most people think of solar power, they probably think of large-scale solar farms producing massive amounts of electricity in the middle of the most sun-baked areas of Australia. In reality, the majority of solar power in Australia is generally on a much smaller scale. Small businesses and homes throughout the country—many of which are our clients—have installed solar panels to save on their annual utilities. In 2017, solar panels like these account for 2.8% of the country’s total energy production. Comparatively, large-scale solar operations comprise anywhere between 0.2-0.25% of Australia’s power.

The director of private solar lobby known as Solar Citizens, Claire O’Rourke, is an advocate for small-scale solar energy, “It’s not the inner-city latte-sippers who are going solar. It’s definitely the highest uptake around those urban fringe areas as well where you’ll see, in some areas of the country, 30-40% of residences with solar panels on their rooftops.”

Presently, there are around 1.6 million residential solar arrays in the country, which is no small feat. Green energy groups have been pushing for more Aussies to swap over to solar power for years, and it’s working. Public awareness has gone a long way, and so has word-of-mouth.

Jenn Golds, a Sydney resident, recently switched over to solar power at her home, “I originally heard about it from a neighbour. Saw technicians come out to install panels on his home, and I was curious,” Jenn waited a while before switching over to solar power, “A year later, we had a talk, and he said that he saved almost a thousand dollars, which was incredible. Naturally, that convinced me to give it a try.”

Jenn is not alone. Many residents are investing in small-scale solar power, and so are small businesses. In New South Wales, there are over 350,000 solar panel installations. In Queensland, there are almost 500,000. South and Western Australia have a combined total of over 420,000 home solar panel installations, and Victoria is not far behind with almost 300,000.

The rising costs of electricity are convincing many people to switch. The Grattan Institute conducted a study that shockingly demonstrated that the average Australian household is paying 200% more for electricity than they were just a decade ago.

“Prices have gone up, bills have gone up—and the cost of solar has rapidly decreased.” Claire O’Rourke pointed out, when questioned about why so many residential customers are giving solar power a try.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and get solar panels installed at your home or business, CFP Industries would be more than happy to help. We can give you the information you need to know. With a simple call to our professionals, set up an appointment, and we’ll give you a consultation so that you can decide whether renewable energy is right for your home or your small business. Save incredible amounts of money on your electrical bills, and help fight against climate change!

With solar power predicted to account for 20-25% of the energy market by the mid-2020s, there’s never been a better time to try it!

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